Old Masters Today 

A bimonthly column for Ars Longa Journal's Blog featuring irreverent market recaps and essential Old Masters news and events.

Michel Anguier's big bronze energy, Versells out, Pornhub dabbles in art history, beleaf in lettuceware, and Bronzino's love for alliums.


What do Pierre Le-Tan, Lorraine O'Grady, and Maison Margiela have in common?; Churning Butter; Old Masters & NFTs; and Lalanne but make it Drouot. 


Alana Collection, voodoo dolls, porróns but make it history, united Dossis, smell the gracht, and please, I'm tired of writing about NFTs (looking at you UFFIZI).


Master Drawings NY; super sus Goltzius; Hester Diamond's Gems; Mercury in Retrograde; Botticelli Filters; and who is buying up expensive surgeon sets?