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Cabelle Ahn is a NYC-based independent art historian and PhD candidate in History of Art & Architecture at Harvard University where she specializes in eighteenth-century French drawings and prints. Her dissertation is titled "Multiple Exposures: Drawing Exhibitions  in Eighteenth-century France," and the project is the first data-driven approach to public and private drawing displays from late seventeenth-century Florence to early nineteenth-century Paris. Her dissertation traces how the increased circulation of drawings impacted the art market, public taste, and contributed to technological advancements in Enlightenment Europe. 


Her interest in 18-c art began during her gap year in Paris in 2007. She majored in Art History at Wellesley College ('12) and holds MA degrees from the Courtauld Institute of Art ('13) and at the Bard Graduate Center ('15). Her additional fields of specialization include oenology, techno-nostalgia in contemporary art, manifestations of the Enlightenment in contemporary art, and the history of the art market. 

She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.