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Multiple Exposures:
Drawing Exhibitions in 18th-century France

(Doctoral dissertation, Harvard University


This dissertation offers the first full account of drawing exhibitions. It focuses on the relationship between drawings, the physical sites they occupied, and the intellectual spaces they revealed. At its core, the project interrogates how the increased visibility of drawings navigated social and academic strictures, and how the reorientation toward drawings reveals how the medium straddled multiple discursive spheres (the academic, the commercial, the courtly, the scientific), and how through this it was deeply embroiled in questions of the privatization and democratization of knowledge in 18th-century France. 

Prints, Drawings, and Verres-cassés

Chapter in an edited volume examining a genre of trompe-l'œil painting (forthcoming early 2024)


Vasari as Algorithm:
Machine Learning and the Old Masters

Article examining contemporary artists that formally rescript the legacy of Old Masters through the lens of AI and machine learning. (forthcoming early 2024)

Contemporary Carbon


Forthcoming series of artist interviews on the use and materiality of charcoal drawings (2023-ongoing)

Critical Old Masters

Founder of a research database and consultancy advising artists and institutions to explore connections between Old Masters and the contemporary moment

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